Introducing a new approach To Healthcare

It Is Time To Reclaim Patients’ Rights

There has been endless talk of changing our healthcare system, but no one seems to know where or how to begin. We believe those most affected are the ones with the most effective answers. To succeed patients must organize.

Patients for Change United seeks to provide the means for that to happen. We begin here, our gathering place: a replicable, model interactive website where patients can unite, tell their stories, share ideas for change, find patient-friendly services, and begin the task of finding positive solutions to the current healthcare crisis.
The challenge is to put a stop to patients being dehumanized by the existing healthcare system and left on their own resources. Instead, we will provide a safe place where participants can work together to restore their individual rights and find the courage to stand up and let the world know what is happening to them and make changes in the ways in which healthcare is currently being delivered, and find solutions that work. Our goal is to humanize healthcare and make quality care a real possibility. Individually we will be ignored, but united we become a formidable force for change. Our goal is to find the means to do this.

Dr. Wright is a member of the Right Care Alliance, which produced the following video describing what patients in managed care are faced with today.

Our mission is to provide a moral, practical and independent patient support system that puts patients first and reclaims their right to be equal partners in the delivery of healthcare.