About Patients For Change

The Beginning

Patients Healthcare Survival Guide, by Susan Wright PhD, was a prelude to the founding of Patients for Change. It is the story of what happened to a formerly healthy psychotherapist/social advocate who unexpectedly found herself a patient on a three trillion-dollar managed healthcare assembly line where medical personnel were paid set fees per patient and all aspects of medical care were coordinated by primary care physicians with no time to spend listening to patients.  Misdiagnosed, subjected to endless and risky medical procedures and tests with no diagnosis in sight, she was trapped within a system where patients were treated as products (machines in need of repair) instead of living, breathing fellow human beings. To save her life, it was clear that Dr. Wright would need to use her professional healing skills to restore her ability to fight back. Among them, Thought Field energy tapping was the most rapid, effective, and easy to learn. If she recovered, she wanted to find a way to share her skills with other patients currently, formerly, or about to be caught up in the same situation.

However, the problem was national.  The healthcare for-profit business had to be reformed. Patients were not commodities, they were living, breathing, human beings. One patient, fighting for change, could not solve the problem. On the other hand, there were millions of patients, families and disgruntled medical workers affected. Meanwhile, she could write about her experience, sound the alarm, and let the public know how healthcare patients were being treated. The Bay Area would be an excellent place to begin. It has always been a center of innovation, change, and advocacy in America. Together, like-minded advocates could create a grassroots movement and reclaim the patient’s right to become an equal partner in the delivery of healthcare. And that is what has happened. Welcome to the Patients for Change United Bay Area Online Community for Healthcare Reform.  Join Us! We may all be patients one day.

Our Change Agents

Dr. Susan Wright
Patient, licensed psychotherapist, author, trainer and social activist.
Goran Kovacevic
Cyber Security Consultant and former Chief Enterprise Architect for Visa.
Gloria Strimpel
New Business Development for Cort/Workplace.
18 Years in Professional Sales Management

Giving Birth To A New Approach

Patients are not commodities they are human beings. The myth of patient-centered, for profit healthcare is at odds with the truth. It is time for a different approach. 

Patients for Change Manifesto

    • To create an innovative, replicable model website (see patientsforchange.org) for the purpose of reclaiming the right of all patients to become an equal partners in the delivery of healthcare.
    • To organize patients, families, and the community around the common goal of putting patients first and providing the means for them to do so. The organization wili be called, The Bay Area Online Community for Patient Healthcare Reform.
    • To provide an innovative, replicable model web centered clearing house where patients and families can find patient- centered support, off and on site services, education, innovative healing and empowerment services and community centered, nonprofit organizations devoted to filling their unmet needs. These services will be available with the click of a mouse on our One-Click Grid.
    • Teach patients to stand up for themselves.
    • To create a public forum, “The Patients’ Voice” radio show, where members and guests can tell their stories and offer solutions with the common goal of advocating for quality healthcare.
    • To call public attention to the problems patients are facing, while organizing for change, with the understanding that WE WILL ALL BE PATIENTS ONE DAY.
    • To see that Primary Care becomes Personalized care conducted by qualified, trained advocates who put patients first. (We have designed a program to offer a solution and training).
    • To ensure that all programs promote fairness and that everyone is treated equally, regardless of of age, gender, racial or ethnic identity, disability, social class or political status. This is a major healthcare problem.
    • To organize patients, supporters, Medicare and Medi-Cal recipients, including Veterans and others whose healthcare is inadequate, puts them at risk and/or are being threatened, and give them a Bay Area voice.

Patient Advocacy Committees

Patients for Change offers support networks comprised of Change Agents who help patients take their healthcare back into their own hands, establishing the fruitful connections with doctors and medical experts that make healthcare worthwhile.

Leadership Forums: We will invite outstanding volunteer leaders from mental health, education,  medicine, media, corporations, the underserved populations, and others, to lend us their expertise on future planning and development.

Volunteers are Change Agents: Patients for Change and our website were created by dedicated volunteers. People who care are the heart of our organization. We need your help, ideas and expertise to plan and carry out events, sign up community organizations for our One-Click community support Grid, help with office and public relations activities, represent us at fairs and speaking engagements, prepare newsletters and much more. We value your talents, energy, and desire to make change happen.’

We Need Your Help